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Cabinet Refacing

What You Need To Know About Cabinet Refacing

Cabinets play a large part in the overall look of your home, and homeowners know the impact their design has. The demand for kitchen cabinets is estimated to grow to almost $17.1 billion by 2021. They play a vital role in your kitchen’s design and functionality, but sometimes, they need updating.

There is a way to update them without having to remodel, and that’s through cabinet refacing. Here’s what you need to know about this process and how it benefits your home.

What Is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet refacing is essentially when you replace the exterior of your cabinets. You take out the shelves and take out the doors, apply a new veneer to the cabinet, and put it back together. If you’re changing up your cabinet’s look, keep in mind that you may need to change the hinges and the handles, too.

Why Do I Need Cabinet Refacing?

You’ll need cabinet refacing if you want to give your home some TLC. If your cabinets have a dingy and outdated look, they could be an eyesore and possibly bring down your home’s value. Refacing your cabinets makes your home look modern and updated without having to replace all your cabinets.

How Long Does Cabinet Refacing Take?

How long this project takes depends on how many cabinets you’re refacing. If you have a smaller kitchen that doesn’t have too many cabinets to reface, it could get done in two or three days. If you have a larger kitchen that has many cabinets, it could take anywhere from four days up to a week. That time could be longer if you need new countertops or want customized hardware.

Even if the kitchen cabinet refinishing project takes a little longer than you anticipated, know that it’s for a good reason. The contractors doing the job want to do the best job possible, and that may mean putting an extra day or two into the project. It’ll be well worth it, though.

What Impact Does Cabinet Refacing Have on My Home?

Refacing your cabinets will give your kitchen a major facelift. If you eventually decide to sell your home, the kitchen could make or break the deal. Giving your kitchen a fresh look can help increase the value of your home and help it sell faster if you do decide to move one day.

Refacing your cabinets can also make your kitchen the epicenter for entertainment in your home. If you have outdated cabinets, you may feel embarrassed or insecure about having company in your kitchen. However, once you reface your cabinets, you’ll be able to host without any distractions. You can even look into designer cabinet refinishing to really add value to your home.

How Do I Get Started With Cabinet Refacing?

If you’re interested in this project, you can contact a company that specializes in cabinet refacing services. They’ll know what materials to get, how long the project will take, and what you can expect throughout the process. Hiring the right cabinet refacing company will save you time and ensure the project gets done right.

When done correctly, cabinet refacing is a powerful remodeling project that can add a lot of value to your kitchen. Your cabinets can make or break your kitchen’s look, and an updated kitchen can add a lot of value to your home. Refacing your cabinets isn’t a hard process, but it’s a process that needs to get done right. That’s why it’s important to hire a reliable company to do the job. Get the best looking cabinets possible with Better Than New Kitchens.

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