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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Services

The Great Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

What should you do when your cabinets have started to look worn or outdated? Perhaps you’d like to reinvigorate your home by renovating your kitchen. One-third of homeowners report that remodeling their kitchen helps them adopt a healthier lifestyle, according to Houzz. Kitchen cabinet refacing services offer an innovative solution to kitchen remodeling, one that requires minimal alterations and comes with lower labor requirements.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Offers the Best Value for your Dollar

Hands down, kitchen cabinet refacing services provide the best value for any homeowner’s dollar. You can have cabinets that look and feel brand new without breaking the bank. The annual Cost vs. Value Report from 2021 states that the average cost of a minor kitchen remodel costs an average of $28,729, with an expected 78.8% of the investment recouped upon your home’s resale. Compare this with a major kitchen remodel, which costs an average of $81,566 and provides only a 65.3% return. You not only spend less money upfront, but you’re also getting 13% more of your investment back.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Services Create Less Downtime

Replacing cabinets takes much longer because they’re ripping out a large part of your kitchen from floor to ceiling. Next, your contractor will have to take precise measurements for the new units, install them, then clean up all the mess. This can take weeks. Meanwhile, you’ll lose the use of your kitchen throughout the process.

Kitchen Cabinet refacing can be done quickly, in as little as a few days, depending on the size and number of your cabinets. The process involves removing and replacing doors and drawer fronts, then either refinishing or veneering the cabinets themselves. Not only does this take less time, but it leaves you the use of your kitchen.

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Our families gather in the kitchen to cook together, eat together, and create a lifetime of memories. This has been especially important during these past couple of years when we were forced to isolate at home. The kitchen remains important in 2022, now that so many adults have transitioned to working part-time or full-time from home. In any case, a beautiful and inviting kitchen is the heart of any home, nourishing both our bodies and our spirits. If you want to turn your worn kitchen into a beautiful abode, call Better Than New Kitchens today to learn more about our kitchen cabinet refacing services.

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