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After Better Than New Kitchens Cabinet Refacing In Arizona

5 Signs That It’s Time to Remodel Your Kitchen

A remodel breathes new life to your kitchen. However, it does come with a few considerations, though. You won’t be able to use the area for a few months. You’ll need to budget for it. And you need to hire a crew that specializes in kitchen remodeling in Phoenix to take on the job. If you’re still on the fence about the project, here are signs that tell you it’s time to go ahead with your plans.

You Need More Space

Your kitchen may have been roomy enough when you first moved into your home. However, your family has grown over the years. These days, you always find yourself short on counter or storage space. If you keep rearranging your shelves, trying to fit everything in, a remodel can make your life easier. Talk to your contractor about adding storage options.

You Want a Change

If your kitchen is stuck in the 90s, upgrading your kitchen is one way to transform that space. If your cabinets are still in excellent condition, though, think about resurfacing them instead of buying new ones. You still get the upgrade you want while keeping your remodeling costs low.

Your Kitchen is High-Maintenance

Nobody wants a dirty kitchen. But if yours is a nightmare to clean, a remodel helps. You can trade your high-maintenance kitchen for one that’s easy and convenient to tidy up. Resurfacing also works here, as you can replace the finish on your cabinets or change the hardware for something that requires little to no maintenance.

You Plan to Sell

You’re thinking about selling the property. Not right away, but maybe in a few years or so. Given that timeline, a simple remodel can do wonders in boosting your property values. It’s smart not to spend a lot, though, which is why resurfacing your cabinets is ideal. You can upgrade your kitchen without spending too much.

You Want Custom Options

You love the layout of the room. But you want to see more of your personality and taste in its design. Resurfacing is a handy solution. If all you want is to change the way your kitchen looks, and retain everything else, reach out to a firm for custom packages and rates. They’ll work with you and help you transform your standard, boring cabinets to ones that match your lifestyle and taste.

Check out your options. Talk to a contractor for kitchen remodeling in Phoenix when you contact Better Than New Kitchens.

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