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Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet Refacing a Custom Look for Less

Did you know kitchen cabinets can last for up to 50 years? Of course, that does not mean they stay looking good for 50 years, it just means that they can be highly serviceable for 50 years. Cabinet refacing is what can keep kitchen cabinets looking great.

Home styles change much like fashion changes. Cabinet refacing is an easy answer when you want to change your kitchen homestyle but you do not necessarily want to change your cabinets. Kitchen cabinet refacing services updates your cabinets without having to start from scratch.

A Custom Look at a Fraction of the Cost

The best cabinet refacing Phoenix has to offer will deliver a custom look that you love without the hefty price tag associated with new kitchen cabinets. Remember, kitchen cabinets can last up to 50 years, but of course, their style does not. Cabinet refacing makes good use of the cabinets you already have and updates the look. This means you do not have to absorb the cost of demolition or new cabinets and you still can get a custom high-end look.

The savings can be tremendous when you choose cabinet refacing over cabinet replacement, but that is not the only reason why homeowners are choosing this option. What happens to old cabinets after they are ripped out? Unfortunately, most of the time they end up in the landfill.

Homeowners are making the conscious choice to reuse the cabinets that they have instead of replacing them. Cabinet refacing helps to keep cabinets out of the landfill.

Less Time to New Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet refacing services are a great solution when you want your kitchen redo to come together quickly. Refacing is a quicker process the replacement, and it is also a lot less messy. When you replace your cabinets you have to deal with the demolition and the mess that causes. Cabinet refacing keeps the mess down to a minimum.

When you choose to reface you can easily get the transformation that you want in a fraction of the time. Homeowners across Phoenix are able to enjoy their “new” cabinets in a few days after the start of the project.

There are a lot of reasons that people are turning to kitchen cabinet refacing service to beautify their kitchen. Learn more about your options and how you can have the custom cabinets of your dreams for your kitchen for less.

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