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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Services

3 Ways to Improve the Look of your Kitchen with Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen cabinet refacing is a popular option for kitchen remodeling projects. Refacing is cheaper than replacing all the kitchen cabinets and you can change the look more drastically than with kitchen cabinet refinishing.

Kitchen cabinet refacing services include a few steps:

  • Cover visible cabinet panels and frames with wood or laminate veneers.
  • Replace cabinet doors and drawer faces.
  • Install new door and drawer hardware.

Now that you understand the mechanics of kitchen refacing, here are three ways kitchen refacing services improve the look of your kitchen.

Change Surfaces

Nearly 60% of homebuyers say that a kitchen’s style is very important to them. Laminate cabinets create a contemporary appearance, but the look can seem a bit sterile. Natural wood cabinets create a warm, organic look, but do not provide the flexibility in colors or patterns that laminate does.

If you want your kitchen cabinets to match your style without replacing them, consider kitchen cabinet refacing services. Because the cabinet doors and drawer pulls are replaced, and the panels and frames are covered, you can change the surfaces. In so doing, you can change the entire look of your kitchen. You can even cover wood cabinets with laminate veneer or cover laminate cabinets with wood veneer.

This allows you to change contemporary style laminate cabinets into more rustic wood cabinets or vice versa. With kitchen cabinet refacing, you have complete control over the surfaces of your cabinets.

Custom Colors

Kitchen cabinet refacing can help give your kitchen an entirely new color scheme. By refacing your cabinets, you give yourself a blank canvas to apply whatever colors you want.

One of the disadvantages of refinishing kitchen cabinets is that the old color and grain can show through. For example, if you have deep red cherry wood cabinets, you probably cannot refinish them with a light stain or clear varnish without seeing some of the deep red showing through. However, if you reface your cabinets, you have total control over the new color of your cabinets without worrying about the color of your old cabinets.

Moreover, as previously mentioned, you can reface your cabinets with laminate veneers. Although laminate cannot be painted, it does come in almost every color. Kitchen cabinet refacing services can give you the lime green cabinets you always wanted.

Glass Doors

If you want to make your kitchen look truly classy, you can replace your solid wood doors with wood-framed glass doors during your kitchen cabinet refacing. Since the doors are replaced during a kitchen cabinet refacing, you can change the appearance of your cabinet doors any way you want.

Some of the ways you can customize your glass doors include:

  • Glass: The glass panels can be clear, frosted, reeded, seeded, or stained glass
  • Shape: The panels can be arched or rectangular. The panels can be separated by a mullion.
  • Type: The glass doors can be hinged or sliding.

Kitchen cabinet refacing services put the appearance of your kitchen cabinets in your hands. And by controlling the appearance of your kitchen cabinets, you can improve the look of your entire kitchen.

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