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About The Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Phoenix Trusts

Refacing is a term used in cabinetry remodeling when new wood is applied over the existing face frames of the cabinets. Also, new doors and drawer faces are installed in place of the old ones. And in many cases, new hardware, crown molding and other options and modifications are added to meet the needs and wants of the homeowner. Better Than New Kitchens offers the kitchen cabinet refacing Phoenix area homeowners have come to rely on to update and beautify their homes.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Phoenix

Queen Creek Kitchen Reface – Wall cabinet doors are charcoal stained maple and the island is gray stained cherry wood

What makes us different and better than other kitchen refacing companies?

Better Than New Kitchens stands above the rest for many reasons. Not only is our team consisting of master craftsmen that specialize in custom woodworking and cabinetry, but we also use top-of-the-line, durable materials that will withstand heavy-use in high-traffic areas such as your kitchen or bathroom.

Better Than New Kitchens uses conversion varnish – a clear coating that is applied on all wood products. It has a far superior durability rating over traditional lacquers and other coatings that are typically used by other kitchen refacers. Better Than New’s finish is simply the best – impermeable to water, scratch resistant, and heat resistant. 

In our refacing process, we use a quarter-inch thick wood facing material that is custom made in America for your special project. Each piece is carefully cut and installed on the fronts and sides of your cabinets. With this approach there is no peeling, bubbling or lifting, which often occurs when using cheaper products such as “peel & stick” veneers. These paper thin veneers cannot withstand heavy use, water contact, heat from appliances or Arizona’s dry climate, and typically start to peel off within a few short years.

Another reason why Better Than New Kitchens is better than other companies is because we use top quality doors and drawer faces that are made in the USA. They are completely customizable in style, size and color, and they have a 5 year warranty! We only use the highest quality hinge hardware, and slow-close hinges come standard with all Better Than New refaces.

Better Than New Kitchens is refacing at its finest

Many reasons why kitchen refacing makes sense

Refacing cabinets is a great affordable alternative to replacing your existing cabinets. You get all the benefits of an updated look at an affordable price. The average cost of a kitchen reface can be less than half the cost of replacing your cabinets. If your existing cabinet framework is in working order, we can easily and cost effectively change out the doors, drawer fronts and incase your existing cabinet boxes with new quarter-inch wood to give your kitchen a custom look.

Refacing is a lot quicker and a lot less mess than traditional remodeling. The average kitche

A reface creates almost no mess during install and only takes a few days in your home. We do almost all the finishing and fabrication of wood at our shop locally. We then transport all the finished doors and veneer to your home for install.

Choosing a reface doesn’t mean your options are limited. In fact, Better Than New Kitchens offers a broad selection of options and modifications for refacing cabinets, which can upgrade your kitchens functionality and style.

Here are some of the options you may want to consider:

  • New Door Styles – we have hundreds of styles to choose from
  • Solid Wood Doors – domestic and exotic woods available
  • Roll-Out Shelves – easy access to pots and pans
  • Special Storage Trays – stow kitchen counter appliances out of site
  • New Door and Drawer Handles/Pulls – custom installed with precision and care
  • Decorative Trims and Molding – endless profiles and size options
  • New Slow Close Hinges – have every door in your kitchen glide to a soft close
  • Additional Cabinets, Shelves and Storage – “Take it to the ceiling!” add decorative upper cabinets on top of your existing cabinets to maximize storage and add a custom look

To learn more about these features as well as many others, please visit our Options and Modifications page.

Additionally, many owners wish to enhance their kitchen with custom new build features, such as kitchen islands, display nooks and cabinet expansions.  To learn more about the new build options that Better Than New offers, visit our New Build page.

As you have read above, we only use the highest quality products for the kitchen cabinet refacing Phoenix area homeowners are looking for. In addition, our install teams consists of master craftsmen that specialize in custom woodworking and cabinetry. We use name brand adhesives and finishes that rate much higher in quality and durability than the industry standards. Better Than New Kitchens is refacing at its finest!

How do we do it?

Your kitchen will be transformed by BTN master craftsmen in just two to four days. And to top it off, during the project your kitchen will still be functional for you and your family! How do we do it?

A mobile shop is set up, typically in the garage or back patio. The team ensures a clean working environment, utilizing HEPA filter dust collection and the safest tools on the market.

Once the team is set up and the existing cabinet doors are removed, the team will install any new build features the client custom requested. Next, the team with reface the existing cabinet boxes using quarter-inch wood panels, specialty glue and pin nails.

New conversion varnished solid wood doors are carefully installed using slow close hinges.



Lastly, new crown molding, trim, handles and knobs are installed to complete the Better Than New reface.

Let’s get started on your kitchen refacing or refinishing project!

How to Get Started

  1. E-mail pictures of your kitchen; 3 or 4 pictures is all we need.
  2. Do a quick measurement of your cabinets. Use our guide (pdf) for how to measure.
  3. Visit our Gallery Page and pick which style and color best fits the kitchen you are looking for. (If you don’t see what you want, don’t worry. We have hundreds more style options for you to choose from. Just send us a description.)
  4. In addition to your pictures and measurements, please include your name, phone number and address / cross streets.
  5. You can expect a prompt call back and an emailed quote. One of the owners will come to you with real wood samples, color options and will discuss the Better Than New refacing process.
Owner, Dan Oldejans

Owner, Dan Oldejans

Kitchen reface with custom, special order, Italian high-gloss white cabinets

Dark Burgundy Contemporary Scottsdale Kitchen Reface

European style new build cabinets with crimson stained alder wood

Modified shaker door with Dove White applied molding

Custom curved glass front doors with a dark gray stain on alder wood

Raised panel conversion varnished cabinet doors in Swiss Coffee with pewter glaze

Traditional shaker doors in Husky Gray

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