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After Better Than New Kitchens Cabinet Refacing In Arizona

Beautifully Upgrade Your Home with Cabinet Refacing Services

Have you been taking an in-depth look around your kitchen and feel like it just doesn’t fit the rest of the décor in your home? You love the layout, but something needs to change and you can’t quite decide what it might be. Focus on your cabinetry.

The problem is, the actual cabinets are doing a great job of housing kitchen essentials and they are in great shape. However, they look outdated or you just don’t like the color. What can be done about that?

Tearing out cabinets that are still functional really is not an option. On top of that, did you know that the cabinets in a kitchen can last well over 50 years? Consider cabinet refacing services. It is a great service that gives you a wide range of options and ideas for kitchen cabinet refacing.

Cabinet Refacing Services Can Give Your Kitchen a Face-Lift

Refacing cabinets is a cost-effective alternative to remodeling your kitchen. The average price of refacing costs less than a new renovation project too. However, what actually is refacing?

Cabinet refacing services include applying new wood over an existing face frame of cabinetry. In some instances, this can include new drawer faces and doors being installed to replace old ones. There are also other options available such as crown molding, new hardware, and other modifications that will make your kitchen look gorgeous and provide attractive architectural interest.

What Makes Cabinet Refacing Truly Ideal?

One of the first benefits of cabinet refacing services is the substantial amount of money savings. It is less expensive to reface cabinets than it is to replace them. The cost of new kitchen cabinets makes up one-half of just an average remodeling budget.

Replacing cabinets also has higher costs because other parts will also need to be replaced when the cabinetry is torn out. Cabinet refacing services are a cost-effective way to make the cabinetry in your kitchen entirely match. This includes refacing the island and additional cabinets throughout your kitchen.

Cabinet Refacing Services Are Only Minimally Invasive

A disruption in your kitchen, even to beautify it, has a significant impact. Having your cabinets refaced by a local cabinet refacing company ensures your kitchen stays in decent working order. The framework stays intact, so you aren’t forced to avoid making meals while the cabinets are being refaced.

There is little debris and dust so the general mess is left either off-site or outdoors where any cutting is done. Kitchen cabinet refacing services also take less time than an entire renovation. You get great-looking cabinets with very minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Choose From a Wide Range of Choices

You will have a wide range of choices in stain colors and materials when refacing your cabinets. This truly helps express your unique style and tastes. From elegant to traditional to a more updated and modern look, you will find the design that you love. You aren’t limited to a certain type of style. Coordinate paint or stain to create the ideal look for your kitchen.

Why Use the Refacing Services Offered by the Professionals?

A top Arizona cabinet refacing company has an expert refacing process that uses a wood-facing material that’s a quarter-inch thick and custom-made in the USA. Every piece is specifically cut to perfectly fit your cabinets. They also use a superior conversion varnish on all of their wood products. Using the services of the professionals ensures you get the best finish that is scratch resistant, impermeable to water, and heat resistant. On top of all of that, the experts offer a 5-year warranty.

Invest in Refacing at Its Finest

Contact cabinet refacing experts to discuss refacing your cabinetry. They are more than happy to assist you in choose the ideal refacing materials and get started on your project. Refacing is an ideal home remodeling choice that is as affordable as it is attractive.

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