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Better Than New Kitchens Cabinet Refacing In Arizona

6 Benefits of Conversion Varnish for Your Remodeling Project

Kitchen remodeling costs can be extremely expensive. If your cabinets are still in excellent shape, consider kitchen refacing services in Scottsdale instead of opting for a complete overhaul.
One way to preserve your cabinets and make them last longer is to apply the right finish. Here’s what you should know when you pick conversion varnish over lacquer.

Fewer Coats

The substance has twice the density of dried coverage lacquer, so you can finish up your walls with fewer layers of coating. That means you can save on costs since you won’t need to use a lot.

Durable Finish

Unlike other finishes, conversion varnish is ideal for remodeling your kitchen cabinets because it’s far more durable, especially when you compare its performance to lacquer. You can also expect fewer scratches when you use conversion varnish for your home improvement project. That’s possible because the varnish is thicker than lacquer.

Heat Resistance

Conversion varnish demonstrates great resistance to heat. You won’t need to worry about the substance coming in close contact with acid, solvents, alkali. That’s a far cry from lacquer finishes. If there’s a small flame or fire at home, having heat-resistant cabinets or surfaces slow down the progress of the fire.

Prevents Expansion Cracks

Wood expands and contracts. Applying a protective coat on the wood can prevent warping, or at the very least, reduce the impact it has on your cabinets and surfaces. Because the conversion varnish is much more elastic than lacquer, you can use this to keep cracks from happening at your cabinet’s wood joints.

Ideal for Demanding Uses

If you are looking for coating that can withstand the test of time and ensure superior performance for demanding end uses and clients, then conversion varnish is the best option for you.

Moisture Resistance

This coating is also the best in moisture resistance. If you need a wood finish to protect your kitchen cabinets from moisture and humidity, then this is an excellent choice for you.

Hiring a Pro

Learn more about the benefits of using conversion varnish for your project. Get pros to provide kitchen refacing services in Scottsdale when you call Better Than New Kitchens. With a team of experts, you can get the remodeling results you’ve always wanted.

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