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Better Than New Kitchens Cabinet Refacing In Scottsdale AZ

How Does Cabinet Refacing Work?

The United States Department of Labor estimates that most Americans spend between 700 and 1,000 hours in the kitchens every year. Because the kitchen is such a frequently used space, kitchen remodeling is especially popular, and one of the prime goals of remodeling is changing the appearance of your cabinets. However, instead of throwing out cabinets that are structurally still good, you may want to think about cabinet refacing to help prevent waste.

How Does Cabinet Refacing Work?

Cabinet refacing involves removing the existing doors and drawer fronts from your cabinets and applying a new veneer to them to give them a brand new appearance. The process can take between two to four days, but the results can save you a lot of time and money. You can even have new handles, drawer pulls, and fixtures added or you can reuse the old ones if they are in good condition. Really, this process can be as transformative as you want.

For example, if your current cabinets are scuffed and scratched, but you like the look of them, refacing can help get them looking as good as new without needing to invest in finding replacements that you may not like as much. Cabinet refacing also gives you the option to change the color of your existing cabinets to better suit your new updated kitchen, and you won’t have to worry about any extensive demolition, as only the doors and drawer fronts are removed.

Is Cabinet Refacing Right For You?

While cabinet refacing has its benefits, not every cabinet is a good candidate for the process. For example, your existing cabinets will need to be structurally sound, sturdy, and have internal hardware that is in good shape. If they don’t operate correctly or they aren’t stable, the cost of refacing them may not be worth it if they’re at risk of falling apart anyway. That said, if your cabinets are a good candidate and you don’t want to change the layout of your kitchen when updating, refacing is an option that you should keep in mind.

If your current cabinets need fixing or if you want to improve them to better match your updated kitchen, consider if cabinet refacing could benefit you. While not all cabinets are good candidates, for those that are, this can be a great and easy way to get them back to looking brand new.

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