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Eternal Summer Kitchen Design

The kitchen is the new hub of the home, even in Arizona’s eternal summer. It’s where family gathers not only to dine, but to socialize, too. Traditional finishes can bathe the room in too much Arizona heat, but it’s possible to achieve a cool aesthetic that lasts all year. All you need is command over your palette and finishes for a year-round summer kitchen.

Using Texture

Wood absorbs hot summer warmth, but you needn’t obliterate all those beautiful and exotic finishes to achieve an airy space. If you bleach, smooth down, or distress your surfaces and add a splash of brass, your room will feel summery and cool.


In many ways, the kitchen is the easiest room to accessorize. Herbs and fruit bowls invigorate the space without pretension. There’s nothing more summery and refreshing than a display of fresh citrus, after all. Before you limit your finishes to a particular look, consider the shades your natural produce will introduce to your kitchen.

Movement is an accessory, too, adding vibrancy while regulating temperature. The spring breeze should be a part of your room, so use fabrics that show it off without cutting out light. Gossamer window treatments will do the trick, especially when combined with sheer glass cabinetry.

Summer Palettes

Oranges, whites, and yellows are the go-to colors of summer, but warm aqua and even green palettes are equally vibrant. Alternatively, limiting your entire room to neutral tones will bring an outdoor ambiance indoors, but your surfaces must be combined with the appropriate textures. Keeping your palette restricted to monochromatic shades can really remove a sense of clutter.

When the mercury rises, the last thing you feel like doing is standing in a hot kitchen. Introducing a cool, breezy design combined with efficient use of space might not eliminate the need for AC, but it can do wonders for your mood and help you to work smarter, not harder, to prepare healthy meals.

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