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Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinets are Very Important in Kitchen Remodeling

If you’re remodeling your home, chances are that you have a lot of factors to consider. Are you remodeling your entire home, or just a room? Are you looking to pursue a complete overhaul, or do you just want to spruce up a room here and there? There are more details involved in remodeling a home than you might imagine. Something that you wouldn’t care that much about on an everyday level could become quite important when you start remodeling your home. One thing that a lot of people might find themselves thinking about more than they initially thought is their cabinets — especially if they’re remodeling a kitchen.

Your kitchen cabinets may not seem to be crucial to your kitchen remodeling job, but once you really start working on them, that will quickly change. Think about how different your kitchen would look now without their particular cabinets. You probably don’t want to even think about what your kitchen would look like without cabinets, unless you’re particularly into having a lot of shelves in your kitchen. That may be why kitchen cabinets, and services like kitchen cabinet refinishing, often factor so much into the process of remodeling a kitchen. In fact, cabinets take up about 40% to 50% of a typical kitchen’s complete remodeling costs. Why? Well, there are a lot of different cabinets to choose from, as well as a range of different kitchen cabinet refacing services available. Furthermore, you don’t necessarily have to commit to replacing your kitchen cabinets. There are other options available! Let’s look into the process of working on your kitchen cabinets, as a part of an overall kitchen remodel.

Why Are Kitchen Cabinets So Important To A Remodeling Job?

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, you simply have to take the process of kitchen cabinet refinishing or replacing into account. When you consider how much space kitchen cabinets take up alone, a remodel usually doesn’t look complete unless the cabinets are at least updated or refinished. Kitchen cabinets have trends, just like any other aspect of decor. One year, white cabinets may be popular, while another year may favor dark hardwood cabinets. For that matter, if kitchen cabinets don’t correspond to the rest of a kitchen’s decor, the remodeling job will unstructured, sloppy, or simply poor.

Do You Have To Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Many people believe that they have to replace their kitchen cabinets if they’re remodeling their kitchens. In fact, there are other options available if you like your cabinets as is, but simply need to update them. This is where kitchen cabinet refinishing comes into mind. Kitchen cabinet refinishing usually involves resurfacing and touching up kitchen cabinets. Now, how this occurs is dependent on the specific types of kitchen cabinets you have. Some kitchen cabinets are painted, others are glazed or stained. The issue with your cabinets may be that their surfaces have become rough, and need to be smoothed. No matter what, you do have options available — otherwise, you can potentially replace them as well.

Can I Refinish My Own Cabinets?

If you’re not replacing your cabinets, you may feel as if you can handle the refinishing process by yourself. However, this is often easier said than done. You may very well buy the wrong paint, or apply it ineffectively. You also may discover that your cabinets need to be more thoroughly refinished than you initially thought. You may potentially make your kitchen cabinets look worse than they initially did — and fortunately, there are professional kitchen cabinet refinishing services on the market.

A kitchen remodeling project can become overwhelming — which is why you may not even consider your cabinets initially. Which is why, ultimately, it’s often much easier to just let the professionals take what you want and make it happen. At the very least, you can focus more on your life, and less on your cabinets! Contact Better Than New Kitchens to request a quote.

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