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AFTER 2 Kitchen Cabinet Reface Phoenix Gray Shaker Doors

The Benefits of a Cabinet Refacing Company

If you are like most homeowners, your kitchen is the heart of your home. It is where you cook meals for your family, entertain guests, and build special memories. Over time, however, even the best-loved kitchens can start to show their age. If your kitchen requires an update, you may be considering a complete renovation. Yet, tearing out your old cabinets can be a costly and time-consuming process. That’s where cabinet refacing comes in. You should note, though, that this is not a DIY project. You will need to hire a professional cabinet refacing company. Here are a few benefits of working with a cabinet refacing company to refresh your kitchen.

It Saves Time

One of the main benefits of hiring a cabinet refacing company is that it can help you save time. This is because the professionals will have the experience and expertise to complete the job quickly and efficiently. Additionally, they will likely have all of the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done right. This can help you avoid having to purchase these items yourself, which saves you time and money.

They Are Licensed and Insured

Before hiring any type of contractor, it is important to ensure they are licensed and insured. This is especially true for a cabinet refacing company because the type of work can be dangerous, if not done properly. By hiring a licensed and insured company, you can rest assured that they have the experience and knowledge to complete the job safely. Additionally, in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, you will be covered by their insurance.

They Offer a Warranty

When you hire a cabinet refacing company, you can also expect to receive a warranty on their work. This is important because it will protect you in case an incident occurs after the job is completed. Most reputable companies will offer a one-year warranty, but some may even offer longer warranties. Be sure to ask about this before hiring a company.

They Can Customize Your Cabinets

According to research, 47% of millennials prefer white kitchen cabinets, compared to 41% of baby boomers. If you are part of this either group, you will be happy to know that many cabinet refacing companies offer customization options. This means you can choose the exact color and style of cabinets you want. You can also choose to have your cabinets refaced with various materials, such as wood, laminate, or even stainless steel.

If you are considering giving your kitchen a makeover, then you should definitely consider working with a cabinet refacing company like Better Than New Kitchens. We offer many benefits that you could not enjoy if you attempted a DIY project. We will help you design and create the kitchen of your dreams! Call us today to learn more about our services.

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