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Better Than New Kitchens Cabinet Refacing Distressed Antique White

Kitchen Refacing: Better Than New Cabinets

When you own a home, it comes with the joy of being able to do whatever you want to it, seemingly at any time. Unless your neighbors are so nosy that they physically stick their head in the door and prevent you from getting work done, most HOAs and neighborhoods allow people to follow their hearts and minds in pursuit of the American Dream. From repainting your walls to tearing up the carpets, your home truly is a space in which you are the master of the domain.

A room that many homeowners spruce up is their kitchen. It seems that no matter what, eventually kitchens become dated, or tend to look that way over time. One can argue endlessly about which is worse than the other, but the point is that neither is optimal for someone that loves to cook and gather the family together to spend time. But if you don’t want to completely remodel your kitchen and tear up the floors, what is someone to do? This is exactly where cabinet refinishing contractors can save the day.

In this article, we’ll go deep into why you should consider cabinet refacing as a low-cost option to make your kitchen sparkle and dazzle like it was brand new. While technically your kitchen will be the same, it will have a brand new look and might attract you to the space more. Perhaps by getting more use out of it and living in it, you will then figure out if anything else needs to be replaced or upgraded in tandem. Only you can customize your kitchen exactly how you like, so make sure to find out!

Refacing Cabinets Is Eco-Friendly

When you choose kitchen cabinet refacing instead of replacement, you are only taking off the cabinet doors and keeping the boxes. Much of this wood can be recycled, resold, or given to various charities that help with home building projects. Instead of completely destroying your kitchen cabinets and tearing them out of the walls, you can leave the structure of your cabinets in place and simply reface them to look brand new and interesting. In fact, kitchen cabinets can last up to 50 years if you get quality hardwood. In a way, you can keep everything you love about the structure and change the appearance, kind of like getting new clothes for your kitchen!

You Can Make Your Kitchen Look Extraordinarily Fancy

When you choose to engage in designer cabinet refinishing, you truly can make the kitchen that you walk into look fancy. Even though you know it’s still your simple and wonderful kitchen underneath, there’s something about cabinet refacing and using hardwoods or golden knobs that allows you to get that regal look. If you go about replacing items in your kitchen one by one after this, eventually you can have a culinary space that is fit for a king or queen to make wonderful meals in without breaking the bank.

It’s Reversible And Easy

One of the greatest things about cabinet refacing is that if you don’t like it, you can simply take the cabinet doors off and put the old ones back on. That’s not really possible with other home improvement projects, especially if you’ve had to knock down a wall or install a gas line. But since it’s relatively easy to reface cabinets and their equivalents, you should have no trouble completely reversing the project if it’s not to your liking. You won’t get a refund from the contractors, but at least you’ll have your kitchen back to exactly the way you remembered it.

You Can Still Use Your Kitchen While Refacing Is Going On

Unlike huge kitchen remodels, in which dust and debris may be flying everywhere, cabinet refacing is a relatively simple procedure done by contractors. In this sense, you will still be able to fully use your kitchen while the process is going on and should have no qualms about your space being taken up.

So at the end of the day, cabinet refacing is a low-cost, eco-friendly, totally reversible kitchen remodel procedure that allows you to still use your own kitchen while it’s happening. What’s not to love?

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