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Better Than New Kitchens Cabinet Refacing

Top Reasons to Refinish Your Cabinets

Refinishing the current cabinets in your kitchen can extensively increase both the value of your home and spruce up the interior, making it a more attractive and comfortable place to be. However, for optimum results, professional cabinet refinishers should be hired in order for the job to be done correctly. Attempting to refinish your cabinets yourself could either damage the cabinet’s surface, or lead to a less than desirable result.

Reasons To Refinish Your Cabinets Rather Than Replacing Them

Cost Effective For The Homeowner

Replacing items in the home can be extremely hard on the wallet, therefore, hiring cabinet refinishers, rather than replacing them altogether is the least expensive option. This is attractive to most homeowners because they usually look for the least expensive option first. It is estimated that the cost to refinish existing cabinets is just half of what it would cost to get them all replaced, which results in significant cost savings. Furthermore, once your cabinets are refinished, they will look brand new!

Less Of A Hassle

Replacing cabinets can be an extremely messy and tedious task, as you risk damaging various elements of your kitchen in the process. Furthermore, replacing cabinets is a much longer process, considering each cabinets will have to be removed and carried away before replacement. This results in fewer tools and labor, resulting in a lower cost for the homeowner.

Choose From A Variety Of Different Finishes

If the finish on your current array of cabinets is bland, you may believe an expensive replacement is the only way to bring your kitchen back to its former glory, however, this is not the case. By hiring professional cabinet refinishers to refinish your cabinets, you are rejuvenating your existing cabinets, and there are various colors and finishes to choose from. There may even be more finishes available when refurbishing your cabinets as opposed to purchasing new.

Increases The Value Of Your Most Expensive Investment:Your Home

Even something as simple as kitchen cabinet refacing can significantly increase the value of your home. Every time you improve an aspect of your home, you are increasing its market value significantly. Furthermore, if you are planning to sell, whether it be in the near future or a decade down the road, potential buyers will notice these subtle changes and could make them more inclined to purchase your home.

Cabinet Refacing Is Sustainable

Sustainability is one of the most important aspects of every industry in the world today, therefore, it is important for many homeowners to have a sustainable, environmentally friendly home. By refacing your cabinets rather than replacing them, you are significantly reducing your environmental impact.

This aspect is especially prevalent today, as many people are being aware of their carbon footprint, and want to scale it back any way possible. Cabinet refinishers oftentimes utilize natural means to refinish cabinets, which is also environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Your Cabinets Will Be Transformed

After being visited by a kitchen cabinet refacing service, your old cabinets will be hardly recognizable. They will look like new, and you will have the peace of mind knowing you paid half the price, as cabinets usually cost 40%-50% of an entire kitchen renovation. Furthermore, refinishing your cabinets will increase their durability, which is especially important in the kitchen due to cooking and water from the sink. Your cabinet refinishing contractors will apply a protective coating to your cabinets, making them look fantastic and refreshed

When refinishing your cabinets, it is important that you hire a reputable contractor in order for the job to be completed correctly. Furthermore, attempting to complete the job yourself could result in ruining your cabinets and having to purchase new ones anyway. Therefore, it is critical to leave it to the professionals.

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