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Cabinet Refacing Better Than New Kitchens

Surprising Things You Can Do With Cabinet Refacing

Updating your kitchen is an exciting project. It is important not to forget the cabinets when it comes to renewing your kitchen design. Cabinet refacing is a great option for transforming your kitchen while still using the existing layout. In regards to using your kitchen, cabinet refacing services allow your kitchen to remain intact and functional while the cabinets are being transformed. Keep reading to discover surprising things you can do with cabinet refacing.

Cabinet Refacing Changes Cabinets to Better Fit Your Needs

Cabinet refacing involves applying a new veneer over old cabinetry surfaces for a spectacularly positive change. There are many valuable changes you can make to your kitchen when it comes to cabinet refacing. Start by refacing cabinetry for drawer fronts and doors to improve your kitchen ambiance. It’s also the ideal time to replace old knobs, pulls, and molding for a spectacular new look.

Consider updating your kitchen island with a cook-top or sink with accommodating cabinetry to match your newly resurfaced cabinets. Have you thought about installing more cabinets? Before you do, discuss extending the height of existing cabinets with cabinet refacing specialists.

Choose New Cabinet Styles and Colors

Nearly 41% of baby boomers and 47% of millennials choose kitchen cabinets in white. Whether the current trend is white cabinets or not, take your cabinets from outdated to trendy with cabinet refacing. A variety of cabinet styles and colors are available, including maintenance-free options and glass-insert doors. Expert craftspeople will discuss style options that compliment your color palette so your newly refaced cabinets seamlessly fit the rest of your kitchen. Work closely with skilled cabinet refacing specialists to discover limitless, stylish options.

Transform Your Everyday Kitchen

Cabinet refacing is the foundation for kitchen remodeling. Perhaps you are unhappy with how your cabinets function. Instead of fussing with lower cabinets that are difficult to reach inside, switch to a door-covered space for drawers.

Refacing allows you to swap combinations of doors and drawers and reconfigure them within cabinet boxes. Mix and match drawers and cabinets and change sizes for better storage abilities. It’s an affordable solution that’s one of the many great aspects of cabinet refacing.

Kitchen cabinet refacing is an important step in updating and renewing your kitchen. Speak with cabinet refacing specialists. Start by requesting a consultation to find out how you can improve your outdated kitchen.

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