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How to Choose the Best Cabinet Refacing Company

It can seem like a daunting task when you’re looking for the best cabinet refacing company in town. So many companies to choose from, and with most of them claiming to be the best, how do you know which one is right? Here are tips on how to choose the best cabinet refacing company.

1. Get Referrals from People You Know

If a family member or a close friend has recently refaced their cabinets, ask them who they went with and what the experience was like for them. This is important because it can be hard to tell whether a company simply says they’re great or whether they actually live up to your standards. If a company specializes in cabinet refacing and is proud of its work, then it’s likely that everyone they come into contact with has had the same experience with them that you are hoping for.

2. Check Customer Reviews Online

Checking reviews online is an easy way to see what other people are saying about the process of cabinet refacing, the company you’re considering, and how they do business. Any reputable company should have online reviews that show its capabilities without embellishment or exaggeration.

3. Look at Past Projects

A great way to see what a company can do is to look at the work they’ve done for others. Asking to look at some of their previous customers’ refaced cabinets will give you insight into how impressive your results will be. By checking out some of the completed jobs, you can see what kinds of designs their customers have opted for.

4. Experience Matters

When considering the best cabinet refacing company, experience is a big factor to consider. It’s important to work with someone who has been in the industry for many years and has established themselves as the go-to expert for refacing. By using someone who has been around the block, you can rest assured that they’ve dealt with every kind of refacing issue and design choice.

5. Ask About Pricing

Pricing is one thing that every company should be open about. They shouldn’t skirt around the issue or use creative language to confuse potential customers. The best refacing companies will offer straightforward pricing information and options without strings attached.

According to a recent survey, the kitchen’s style is extremely significant to roughly 56% of home buyers. As more and more of the population are decorating their homes with an eye for design, cabinet refacing has become a popular choice. Call us to find out how we can help you refresh your kitchen.

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