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Kitchen Cabinets

Four Types Of Kitchen Cabinets Everyone Should Consider

There is more value to your kitchen cabinets than you might think. The kitchen is one of the most notable places in the house, and it certainly affects the overall value of a home in a significant way. People don’t just cook in the kitchen; they congregate there, dining and talking together. A lot of a home’s personality can be expressed through the kitchen, and many people find themselves looking at the kitchen first when they walk into a house, especially if they’re planning on investing in that house. Obviously, there are a number of different styles with which you can decorate your kitchen. But perhaps one of the biggest ways you can decorate your kitchen is through kitchen cabinet refinishing or refacing. Though kitchen cabinets can last quite a long time, you may very well want to refinish your kitchen cabinets simply to change your kitchen’s look. In fact, cabinets typically account for 40% to 50% of a kitchen’s total renovation costs. Designer cabinet refinishing can cost quite a bit of money, so you should be sure about what you’re investing in. With that being said, let’s look into some of the different kitchen cabinet styles you should consider.

1. Glass-Front Cabinets

If you don’t own glass-front cabinets now, making that shift can be a major shift, creating an entirely different look within your kitchen. When inquiring into kitchen cabinet refacing services, you should certainly inquire about this type of cabinet design, as it’s not going to be accessible or right for all kitchen cabinets. In fact, if you want glass-front cabinets really badly, you may need to completely replace the cabinets that you currently have. The great thing about glass-front cabinets is that they’re rather attractive, and you can display attractive dishes through them. However, when considering this type of appearance, you have to remember that it does show everything all of the time. If you’re not going to organize your dishes neatly, it will show through these types of cabinets.

2. Plywood Cabinets

At face value, plywood cabinets don’t necessarily align next to other designer cabinet refinishing choices. Plywood cabinets look quite a bit like other types of wooden cabinets, giving that kind of classic design that many homeowners understandably love. But in some ways, they tend to stand up better against cabinets made of other types of wood. Plywood tends to be less expensive, and it doesn’t shrink or expand the way that lumber will over time. Furthermore, if the cabinets are given a clear finish, the grain of the plywood will better stand out and create a really attractive appearance.

3. Shaker-style Cabinets

It’s difficult to look into designer cabinet refinishing options without coming across Shaker-style cabinets. Shaker-style cabinets are beautiful and classic, but unlike a lot of other traditional kitchen cabinet styles, Shaker-style hasn’t gone out of fashion. Furthermore, many homeowners love Shaker-style because it can be used in conjunction with a number of other stylistic touches within your kitchen. Shaker-style cabinets can be presented in virtually any color, and set alongside a number of different types of countertops, ultimately resulting in a kitchen that is classic without being boring. Shaker-style cabinets are also fairly affordable, meaning that they’re rather attainable for all homeowners. The only real con of Shaker-style cabinets is that they can sometimes collect dirt around their inset areas.

4. Beadboard Cabinets

Although beardboard cabinets are rather popular about designer cabinet refinishing options, they certainly aren’t for those that want a sleek, minimalist look. Creating a sense of warmth and the countryside, beadboard cabinets can in fact change in many ways depending on how they are finished. Like Shaker-style cabinets, beadboard cabinets do need to be cleaned rather carefully. They have to be detailed very carefully, and they can vary quite a bit in terms of cost.

There are a number of different reasons why people consider different types of cabinets. However, a lot of people find that their cabinets can have a much bigger impact on their kitchen’s appearance than they initially thought, as we mentioned. Think carefully about the types of cabinets that you choose, especially if you plan on selling your home in the future.

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