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Better Than New Kitchens Cabinet Refacing In Arizona

Kitchen Refacing is the Smarter Choice

The kitchen is one of the busiest areas in your home. If you’re thinking about remodeling, reconsider your decision to start tearing down those walls. Taking apart your kitchen shouldn’t be your go-to approach. Find a company that does kitchen refacing in Phoenix instead.

Why Pay for a Reface

A kitchen reface is a much less hectic way to remodel your kitchen, compared to refinishing or replacing. Here’s why refacing is the smarter renovation choice for you.

  • Save on costs. That’s the biggest reason why a lot of people choose a reface a kitchen. If you want to upgrade your kitchen without spending too much on the project, a reface can help you manage your expenses better.
  • Get speedy results. Imagine having people underfoot all the time as the crew works on your kitchen. If you want the project to be completed much sooner, go for a reface. It doesn’t take long to get done.

Why you Need a Reface

There are plenty of reasons why you’ll want to pay for a good reface.

  • Build equity. Renovations help boost property values. If you plan on selling the property later on, then a reface can help make your house much more desirable down the road.
  • Greater convenience. Most refacing involves simple upgrades. Those upgrades, though, can do a lot to improve your quality of life, making it easier for you to use the space the way you want to, whether as a cooking space or a place where you can bond with your loved ones over meals.

Finding a Refacing Company

Get expert advice when you talk to a refacing company. Find one with extensive experience in refacing kitchens in your area. Choose a local firm that’s been around for years and has an excellent reputation as well as track record. Don’t forget to confirm the services it covers when you ask for a quote.

Refacing Discount!

Contact Better Than New Kitchens for $500 off any full kitchen reface in August!

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