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5 Reasons to Include Cabinet Refacing in Your Kitchen Remodel

According to, cabinets can take between 40% to 50% of your kitchen remodeling budget. Therefore, opting for new ones might not be the best option out there. Something most people don’t know is that refacing your cabinets is becoming a popular way to vamp up your kitchen without breaking the bank.

There are many reasons why people decide to reface instead of changing out their cabinets completely, and it’s not just a financial decision. Below are five benefits of kitchen cabinet refacing.

  1. It Saves Time

Aside from saving money, kitchen cabinet refacing saves time. It prevents you from having to install anything new, which would normally require a tedious process of reworking plumbing, sink repairs, and even fixing electrical sockets.

  1. It’s the Greener Option

Cabinets are often made of plywood or other wood items, placed together with special glue. When you replace them in a remodel, these items go to a dumpsite or are incinerated, causing a huge amount of waste. The fumes also linger in the air causing more pollution. To combat this waste and prevent unnecessary resource use, kitchen cabinet refacing essentially upcycles a perfectly usable item and prevents additional waste.

  1. There Are More Design Alternatives

During a refacing, the installer will remove doors and drawers in your kitchen, paint the insides, and replace the front with brand new ones. Your kitchen has the potential to look completely new and renovated, perfect for those craving a remodel.

  1. You Don’t Have to Rework the Kitchen Layout

Installing new cabinets requires a rework of the entire kitchen’s layout. By simply refacing your kitchen cabinets instead, you are able to keep what’s already there and still make it look like a brand-new space.

  1. It’s More Affordable

The main reason people choose refacing instead of changing their cabinets is the vast difference in price. With refacing, you have the freedom to choose a new design at a much more affordable price.

Now that you know the benefits of kitchen cabinet refacing, you have an alternative for your remodel that is easier and faster. The reasons for refacing are endless – and the biggest perk is that your kitchen will look brand-new at the fraction of the cost. If you’re interested in transforming your space by refacing those cabinets, contact us today to get started!

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