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Cabinet Resurfacing In Scottsdale

Updating a Kitchen: from Countertops to Cabinet Resurfacing

Transforming your kitchen space doesn’t need to involve a costly remodel. One way to keep those costs down is to update your cabinets. Instead of tearing everything down or replacing them all, consider resurfacing them.

What Is Refacing?

Also called resurfacing, it involves replacing the skins of the cabinet. When you hire pros for cabinet resurfacing in Scottsdale, that means you’re getting experts to replace the doors and drawer fronts. They can also apply a new veneer over existing cabinets—a move that could save you a ton of costs.

Is It Right For You?

Resurfacing is a good option to go for if you want to make your kitchen look good as new while still avoiding the costs and stress of a full remodel. If you don’t want to tear down your kitchen cabinets and they’re sturdy and can last for many more years, then it makes sense to resurface the cabinets instead. In many ways, resurfacing the cabinets can give you more control over the outcome. As a cost-effective option, resurfacing allows you to choose from a bevy of colors, designs and style, allowing you to customize the results to match or even be better than what you had in mind.

Who’s Going To Do It?

You’ll need to look for contractors with plenty of experience in the field. Look for firms that specialize in resurfacing kitchen cabinets. That should make for a good solid step in the right direction. By hiring seasoned service contractors, you can look forward to excellent and speedy results.

What Do You Look For?

Aside from checking out the contractor’s credentials, be sure to ask questions about the project. What do they intend to do? What kind of materials will they use? If the contractor suggests that you cut corners by using cheap materials, that’s not a good sign. Also, if the firm insists on getting a huge deposit first. To get a better sense of the firm that’s taking on the job, check out reviews and feedback about them online. That will help you make a hiring decision.


You don’t have to get a remodel that costs an arm and a leg. Resurfacing may be a much better option for you. If you want to upgrade your kitchen while saving on costs, then give this arrangement a try Talk to Better Than New Kitchens for more information about cabinet resurfacing in Scottsdale.

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